Since When Did It Become Illegal For a Guy To Drink Tequila Sunrises on a Beach?

Hate is a strong word that should only be used when you truly mean it. Like for example, the guy in front of me at Chipotle yesterday who took it upon himself to taste test the protein options before making his lunch decision. The same guy who when asked what he wanted as toppings was too busy having a side conversation with his friends to listen. Yeah I hate that guy and hope the worst things in the world happen to him. 

People like the woman in the video above? Oh yeah I hate you. When you are on vacation it's time to let loose and drink anything you want. There are no restrictions, especially in Cabo on spring break. In Punta Cana senior year we drank something called mamajuana which had remnants of sea turtle penis shells in it. The drink was delicious even if it did take 10 years off my life. Whatever you wanna drink on vacation is completely fair game.  

Well, here we have a woman approaching this young gentleman and berating him for having a "girly drink." Excuse me, but if I want to drink tequila sunrises in Mexico until my piss turns orange then I will do so. We're drink shaming on the beach of all places? Men have to drink beer at all times because we're manly, masculine, and tough. Yeah who the fuck are you? Fruity drinks in warm weather are the absolute best and if you disagree you're lying to yourself. I don't need some girl who drove a white BMW with eyelashes on the headlights gifted by daddy during high school to tell me what I can and can't drink. It's 44 and overcast in New York City today, I would knock a year off my life to be transported to the beach and have the girliest drink in the world placed in my hands. 

Don't be this person in the video, you're better than that.