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Kepa Showed The Only Way To Handle Being Left Off The Spanish National Team Roster Is Go To The Bahamas With A Miss Universe Winner

[Source] - KEPA ARRIZABALAGA is currently enjoying a romantic Bahamas getaway with Miss Universe girlfriend Andrea Martinez.

The Chelsea stopper hasn't joined up with the Spain national team after he and David de Gea were left out in favour of Brighton's Robert Sanchez and Brentford's David Raya.

I'm not here to break down the Spanish goalie situation. I'm here to talk about ways to get over being left off something. Hey, it happens to everyone. You get cut from a team. You don't get the lead role in a play. You get passed over on a podcast. You get traded from a trivia team. A bunch of different things happen in life and it's all about how you bounce back. Well, Kepa, who I know is a hot topic with Chelsea fans, decided to take his Miss Universe girlfriend to the Bahamas. Everything I've ever done in life has been thrown out the window. Complain about being left off? Heavens no. Not anymore. Work harder to see that you should be on that team? Why? What's the point of that now. 

Step 1 - land a Miss Universe winner as a girlfriend 

Step 2 - since you are rich, take said Miss Universe winner to the Bahamas 

That's it. That's how you get over being left off a roster. Work harder to be the No. 1 goalie? In this culture that Jeff Foxworthy hates? Nope. 

You take your Miss Universe girlfriend on a vacation and laugh at the world that you're still incredibly rich and lucky.