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Pusha T Has Teamed Up With Arby's To Do a Diss Track Aimed at McDonald's and The Filet O' Fish

Complex - “How dare you sell a square fish, asking us to trust it?”

This question is among the playfully delivered jabs that together comprise the latest release from Pusha-T, i.e. his new offering with Arby’s. If the aforementioned lyrical excerpt didn’t make it clear enough, the collaborative endeavor here is indeed a diss track of sorts aimed at McDonald’s, home of the Filet-O-Fish.

Few things off the top of my head here-

1- Arby's fucks. I don't get the hate and why it gets thrown in the mix with some of the dog shit fast food places. 

They have nearly the best fries in the game. Don't take it from me, Coley correctly tiered them in his fries tier blog

And they also have a very solid Turkey Bacon and Ranch sandwich. No joke. I don't really fuck with their roast beef because they don't hold a candle to Massachusetts roast beef spots, but this sandwich plays. Especially for truck stop food.

2- Here's something you went get from the Buzzfeeds and those clown sites who talk about music. Pusha T has a long history with McDonald's. 

According to him, his brother and he co-wrote the "I'm Lovin It" jingle that EVERYBODY in the world knew and loved in the 90s. And he claims McDonald's fucked him on the deal.

I am all for more fast food diss wars featuring top-tier rappers. 

3- Can we get another Clipse album, please? 

How hard did Lord Willin go?

4- I have nothing against McDonald's and the Filet O'Fish. I think for a somebody in no position to choose, it's better than nothing. Obviously, if you live in New England and you're eating them over some mom and pop's fish sandwiches you need your head checked, but if you're in Indiana or Iowa, Fish Filet's play.

That said, I think I need to try these Arby's sandwiches asap because they don't look awful. (And I'm a Pusha fan)

p.s. - I never thought Long John's Silvers was a real thing until I moved to Chicago and actually saw some when I drove downstate for the first time. 

It was mind-blowing seeing one and seeing the prices advertised on their signage. 

p.p.s. - "I could sell water to a whale" is A+