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I Am Hereby Giving My Life To Clem For Losing Us $50,000


I am sorry. I knew the content would be better if there was a rooting interest, but there were better teams on the board. This isn't as bad as last year when we panicked and went with Oral Roberts, but it's bad and it stinks. No defense and struggling to break 40 is pathetic. IU obviously had to be exhausted for not having the fight they should have in them, but I refuse to blame tired legs and travel. St. Mary's is a better team that executes the game of basketball efficiently and without mistakes. Does the NCAA selection committee deserve to be shot into the sun? Yes. Indiana had a roller coaster of a first season with Mike Woodson, but it felt good to be excited for Indiana basketball for the first time in a long time. Can't wait for Woodson year 2. 

BUT, this isn't a blog about how sad and hopeful IU basketball makes me, this is an apology to Clem. For making us pick IU I am in your debt. I beholden my life to you until you feel I have repaid my debts. Right now I'm about $50k in the red. Tell your kids I'm sorry and start learning a trade like welding. 

P.S. Going to reeeeeeeally fucking suck watching this highlight over and over as Indiana's only standout moment. I'm disgusted and embarrassed.