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Joel Embiid Tells Draymond Green "You Can't Shoot", Miraculously Draymond Doesn't Respond By Quitting Basketball Until He Gets Traded

Well would ya look at that. Two ultra competitive alphas who can dish out some shit talk to each other while also being confident enough in their own capabilities to receive some as well. Crazy how that works out when one guy doesn't have skin thinner than a deliciously salty, buttery slice of prosciutto. Almost as if both of these guys are not only up for the challenge of facing each other, but actively welcoming that challenge to prove their own dominance. I was under the assumption that when someone says something mean to you, the appropriate response is to hide behind your agent and never play basketball again. Perhaps I was wrong. 

However the case may be, this was an incredible minute and 51 seconds of entertainment. Joel has a few more years to finally get his hands on multiple MVP awards and multiple NBA Championships. But when the time comes for the big fella to finally hang them up, this needs to be the duo to replace Shaq and Chuck. 

"Would I rather make Stephen Curry or YOU beat us? I take you any single day".

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Just some high quality banter between a couple of high quality big fellas. 

The only part of this clip that wasn't great was Draymond's pronunciation of "succumb". I mean now that I spell it out and actually look at the word, I don't think I can blame the guy. But still. "Suck cummed" is a highly uncomfortable pronunciation. Not that there's anything wrong with that. 

P.S. - Just another MVP caliber performance out of Birthday Jo last night.