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Iowa Corn Is About To Hit A Rock Bottom Low

Wow. Truly two grown ass men went to work this week with the baby hook. Unfortunately for the two full grown alpha males in these gifs, both ended up losers. Kofi Cockburn and the #1 seed Illini were knocked out of the Big 10 Tourney by Indiana, and I had Nick and Kelly play tic tac toe on my foot. For us losers, it's about rebounding and coming back stronger. For winners like Indiana, it's all about keeping the March Momentum going. While Cockburn was busy being "a grown man", TJD was operating like an assassin with complete finesse. 

I was happy for TJD and especially Rob Phinesse. Both highly regarded prospects out of Indiana who have yet to reach their full potential. Indiana fans have yet to truly see this squads full potential due to injuries, but when Rob Phinesse and Trey Galloway have been on the court IU is 9-2. IU is coming on at the right time, so if you don't believe in the Hoosiers; you better start. All in on Indiana ML.