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A Georgia High School Basketball Player Hit TWO Buzzer Beaters in the Same Game to Win the State Championship

The Marist School girls basketball team knew who to get the ball with the game on the line.

Avery Fantucci hit not one, but two buzzer beaters in the Georgia 4A state championship game to give the Lady War Eagles their first-ever title. That's obviously an incredible feat, particularly when one of the shots was drained from half-court.

But can we talk about the defense played in this game for a second?

First, Marist gives up a wide open layup off an inbounds pass to need the half-court shot in the first place. Then, Fantucci is coming up the court and the opposing team could not look less interested in contesting that shot. Not a care in the world.

I get that you don't want to foul there, but they have one player turned completely around like she's on offense. The defenders actually look like an offensive line creating a pocket for Fantucci to shoot.

Then in overtime, they do the same thing Marist did in the fourth quarter and give up an uncontested layup with the state title on the line. If this was the. defense played during the most critical moments of the entire season, I don't understand how this game didn't have 180 points scored.

Credit to Avery, though. That half-court heave didn't even touch the rim. Onions!