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A Video From Ukraine Showing An "EOD Tech" Defusing A Bomb Will Send Chills Down Your Spin

Whew. This one is a tough watch. Hell, most of the videos out of Ukraine are a tough watch. Just today, there has been an insane amount of videos showing the devastation that resulted from Russia bombing a maternity and children's hospital. There was videos and pictures of pregnant women being transported across bombed fields with dust and debris still in the area. 

If you dont have your sound on, turn it on. It really shows the state of affairs on some battlefields. As this guy is slowly taking the "cap" off, another is pouring water to reduce friction or slipping. If they fail, the bomb could- but isnt likely- to explode. It's still fucking scary though. You know what adds to that pucker factor? The fact that you can still hear other ordinances in the area exploding. 

In combat, you have to give 100 percent of your focus to several things. That's the reason, being focused completely on multiple things that can kill you, that the faces of soldiers change during combat. It affects you to your core. These people are all going through that and it is infuriating and gut-wrenching to watch. 

PS: I put EOD tech in quotes because those folks have intense training. Im not sure if this person has that. What he does have is balls of fucking steel. Theres no question about that.