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If Your Office Puts Up These Signs, You Have to Quit Your Job

"Hey, you know your dog that you've been able to spend every day with for the last two years who now has no idea why you're leaving it alone for a large portion of every day and is really sad about it? Well fuck you and your dog! Welcome back to work, asshole!"

What was the goal with these signs? To be unnecessarily mean enough to have people immediately quit their jobs in a fit of rage?

The green one would have been fine. "Welcome back, we missed you," whatever. The sweatpants one is pretty weird and getting to the point of being asshole-ish, but I could even let that one slide as a dumb, corporate attempt at a joke that didn't land. But you come for the dogs and we have a problem. What the hell did the dogs do? Someone literally came up with that and had to search for "sad dog" images to put on the sign and still thought it was a winner.

It takes A LOT to get me to agree with the kind of people — as it relates to ideological persuasion — that I see overwhelmingly in the replies and quotes of this tweet, but this one did it. This company is comprised of evil assholes.

I hope to never meet the kind of psychological monster who came up with the dog sign. Piece of shit.