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A KENTUCKY HERO: The Person Who Tracked Down Coach Cal's Lost Lucky Rolex After He Launched It Off His Wrist Celebrating

Phew. Close call for all the haters and losers out there. Coach Cal has a lucky Rolex and it's March time. Everyone knows the best way to succeed in sports isn't talent or gameplan or anything like that. It's all about superstitions. I don't care if it's for players, coaches or fans. Everyone has to come together this time of the year to do what's best for the team. So when this happened yesterday it was high alert time in Lexington and really all of America: 

You can see the panic in his face and Mrs. Calipari's face. A white gold Rolex just flew off his arm. In March nonetheless! This is the key month for good juju. I will wear whatever shirt and pants combo works for the first win and never let go. It's about sitting in the same seat. It's about drinking the same High Noon flavor. If you don't believe in superstitions for sporting events, I don't want to know you. Plain and simple.

But this is about the people who came together to find the lucky Rolex. Thank you for saving my mental stability for March.