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Ben Simmons Was Never Going To Play On Thursday And Anybody Who Thought Differently Has Scrambled Eggs For Brains

Ben Simmons spent his entire career in Philadelphia saying that he was going to work on his shooting. That was a lie. Ben Simmons spent his entire career in Philadelphia saying that he enjoyed playing with Joel Embiid. That was a lie. So when Ben Simmons said he "hopes" he could be ready to play against the Sixers on March 10th after he got traded to Brooklyn, well I'm just not entirely sure why there was a faction of humans out there who didn't immediately see right through that lie. 

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There's a good chance that he never plays another game in Philadelphia ever again. Which is going to be really awkward if the Sixers and Nets matchup against each other in the playoffs at some point. I have a hard time believing he'll even stay on the bench for the entirety of the game on Thursday. But that's not going to stop the scrambled egg brains of the world like Dan Le Batard still try to make it seem like Philly is the bad guy here and that Ben Simmons has any sort of dog in him to seek his revenge. 

Yeah, Dan. Whole lotta rage and "fuck you" attitude coming Joel Embiid's way from Street Clothes Simmons. The only thing that's really fucked up about this situation is that after everything Sixers fans have had to endure during this saga, the least Ben Simmons could do is get in the game for a quick 5 minutes to miss a few free throws and get free Frosty's for everyone. But no. He's too selfish to ever do anything like that. 

Anyways….the energy at the Wells Fargo Center is going to be enough to take PECO out of business and power the city for the rest of the year. And it doesn't matter what the number is, take the Embiid points.