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The World Needs An A-Rod And Jeter Baseball ManningCast

A few weeks ago on The Short Porch after the news that an A-Rod and Michael Kay ManningCast type broadcast was coming to ESPN this season, I made the claim that the world needed an A-Rod/Jeter ManningCast and everyone laughed at me. And while I agree it probably would never happen because Derek Jeter is known to be one petty son of a bitch and likely still hates A-Rod, it would undeniably be must watch stuff. But now with the news of Jeter stepping down as Marlins CEO (because he's such a god damn winner that he can't stand to work for his cheap ass owners anymore), maybe it's a remote possibility? 

Sure, the beauty of what makes the ManningCast special is they're brothers who get along great with a lifetime of memories that can give shit to each other in a loving, endearing way. But the Jeter/A-RodCast (name still a work in progress) would be great in an entirely different way. The palpable awkwardness between the two as they make passive aggressive comments towards each other the entire broadcast would be must watch stuff. 

A-Rod: "Great play by the shortstop there going up the middle. Derek do you think you would have had the range to get to that?"


Jeter: "Robinson Cano back from that one year suspension for PEDs. You have to wonder if his teammates resent him for being selfish and cheating the game. What do you think Alex?"

It would be incredible stuff. 

But besides all that, they have a ton of memories from years of playing together (as both friends and rivals) that they could share with the audience. Behind the scenes stories we've never heard before. There has to be an endless goldmine of material. 

And I do think both have the personalities for television. No matter what you think of him, A-Rod has years of experience on TV at this point in studio and in the booth. He's certainly proven that he's more likable and self-aware than he was when he was baseball's #1 villain. Now Jeter doesn't have the same broadcast experience, but if you don't think Derek Jeter is funny and personable then you're an idiot. 

Marty is an idiot. 

Every former teammate of Jeter says he was always the clubhouse prankster and speaks glowingly of him behind the scenes. Sure he's been quiet and private to the cameras, but that was by design while he was playing as a superstar in the biggest city in the world. Now that he's been retired for years, he doesn't have to worry quite as much about protecting his public image and can maybe let it sling a little bit. 

And, like Peyton Manning, he has plenty of other TV experience that prove his comedic and acting chops. This commercial is iconic. 

There were rumors at the time that George Steinbrenner was upset that Jeter was going out and partying too much so they went out and made a commercial to make fun of it. He also has hosted SNL. 

And who can forget his appearance in The Other Guys. 

And also, Derek Jeter is just basically a God on Earth. He can do anything he sets his mind to. He has all the good qualities a human being can possess. 

So please ESPN, give us this. Throw the bag at them. Make an offer they simply can't refuse. Baseball will need everything they can to save their sport after this dumbass lockout. The A-Rod/Jeter ManningCast can save baseball. 

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