We Have A Lot Of Angry Thoughts About Harry Potter

I have to be honest. I was a little angsty when I watched Harry Potter: THE Order Of THE Phoenix - lots of THEs. The anger translates in my (handwritten) notes. Let's review the first few:

Harry got a haircut! - This one is nice.

Dudley needs to died and we may need to be the ones to kill him - Remember I was angsty, this could've been worse.

The uncle got fatter - Not not true & he's not the best so the statement stands.

Nice of Harry to save that asshole Dudley because he's not a murderer - This was very nice of Harry & anyone with a kind heart would save him. No matter if the person is a big asshole meanie, you're still saving them. 

There are a lot of secret places. I need a list of all these places - We're working on it.

This one is out of order but deserves recognition...

Umbridge needs to get laid - Simple as that.

My completed list of notes:

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