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Bryce Harper To Japan? The Reigning NL MVP Playing For The Yomiuri Giants During The Lockout Would Be Incredible

It's deadline day between the owners and players and things are not going well. Carl broke down the latest here with another hilarious image of a baseball in chains. 


Safe to say we're not getting a deal today and it remains to be seen when the owners will actually decide to negotiate in good faith. Weeks? Months? This ain't good and I wonder if any players would actually be enticed to take their talents overseas and play in something like the NPB. Bryce Harper seems interested...

Is this total bullshit? Of course, but imagine if he actually packed his bags and headed over to Asia to play some ball? I mean NHL players did this in 2004 when their league locked out, so it's not that crazy. Does a guy like Bryce Harper need to explore those options to make money while there's no baseball? No, but his popularity increase would be enormous. They'd actually treat him like a living god over there. 

Now let's have fun and use our imagination for second. Could you imagine Bryce Harper playing for the Yomiuri Giants in 2022? The tanks he would unleash over there would be incredible. We're talking like 75-100 homers if he played a whole season. Want a quick way to turn yourself into a global superstar? That's how. It would take some unbelievably massive balls, but the payoff would be crazy as long as he stayed injury free. Think about this kind of swing in Japan…

I'd get up at whatever hour to watch that. 

Real talk, if a ton of players decided to flood other leagues we'd have a deal in minutes.