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Jack White Recognizes Beatles Songs After Hearing Only 1 Second Of Them

Pretty impressive video here from Mr. Jack White, where he's able to rattle off a bunch of Beatles songs after hearing only the first second of them! If you're a big Beatles fan, you probably got some of these yourself, but there were certainly a few tough ones mixed in there! I'll admit that 'Roll Over Beethoven', 'I'm Looking Through You', and 'Get Back' all stumped me - the last of which literally just has some random feedback noise that he knew instantly. 

Gotta love watching a musician with a keen ear at work - it's one of the main reasons I love Rick Beato's YouTube channel....

This guy hears a note/chord and knows what it is (and usually where it's going next) nearly immediately. It's a truly amazing talent and his 'What Makes This Song Great' series is a must-watch for any music lovers....

Now I'll ask you - which musician/artist could you do this with? I think I could probably do pretty well with Oasis/Foo Fighters/All Time Low's catalogues myself. 

h/t to the legend himself DALLAS BRADEN for sending this video my way!