People Are Talking About Russell Wilson Removing The Seahawks From His Twitter Bio Like We Forgot How AIM Profiles Worked

I'll tell you exactly what this means. Russell Wilson is fighting with the Seahawks and trying to talk to another team. This is the easiest call in calls simply because we grew up in the best era. We grew up with AIM profiles and this is exactly what it is. How many times was your name removed from an AIM profile? How many times did you remove a name or a date form an AIM profile? How many times did you drop someone from your MySpace top 8 friends? This is the 2022 version of it by way more famous people. 

I actually love the move. If I was a starting quarterback or someone that had some leverage like this I'd be doing the same shit. I'd be changing my Twitter bio and scrubbing things just to fuck with people all day. The fact that someone actually looks at this and notices when a change is made still breaks my brain a little bit. Again, I'm about to be 35, I remember life pre-Internet, early Internet and this day. I remember the old days when rumors were barely a thing. You just found out something watching TV, if you were lucky. Or you heard it from your dad talking to a friend and their friend heard from a reliable source at the bar. The bar now just happens to be social media. 

We saw Kyler do it earlier this offseason and now 'everything is good' with him and the Cardinals. Is Russell Wilson upset? Probably. It's been a rumor for what feels like a decade now. This is how you stir up a little bit of drama and get some shit done. If it works for 10th grade relationships, it surely works for NFL quarterback relationships.