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Both Games Come Down To The Wire In The Greatest Conference Championship Weekend Ever



In case you're living under rock, I created my own NFL season and have been posting the results all week long. We're down to the final four teams in our conference championship games. Our matchups are as follows:

AFC Championship

2) Bills @ 1) Chiefs

NFC Championship

7) 49ers @  5) Lions 

Let's start with our 3 PM game in Kansas City. 

2) Bills - 42

1) Chiefs - 36

I had to let this amazing real life game also happen in the Tommy Smokes world. I’m not a monster. I won’t rob people of enjoying this classic. But in my world, something different obviously happened. The 60 minutes of regulation was exactly the same. But in overtime, things changed. The Bills called tails and won the toss. They chose to receive. They marched down field and Devin Singletary (my cousin) ran in an 8 yard touchdown to win, sending the Bills to their first Super Bowl in 28 years. In my mind, Buffalo was the true best team in the AFC, so they get rewarded with a Super Bowl appearance. Also I like the Bills and the people of Buffalo so I wanted them to have this. You are welcome. 

7. San Francisco 49ers @ 5. Detroit Lions

The city of Detroit is hosting an NFC Championship Game. Who would’ve thunk it? The great people of Detroit came out and they were LOUD all game. Jimmy G had to go with a silent count and could barely hear himself think inside Ford Field. It only got louder when his first pass of the game was a pick-6 on a screen pass that Michael Brockers intercepted and returned to the endzone. The 49ers did find their footing though, and the Lions offense struggled. Heading into the 4th quarter, the 49ers led 17-10. 

But the Lions had a long 9 minute drive that ended with a Jamaal Williams 3 yard rushing TD to tie it at 17 with 6 minutes to go. The 49ers answered with a great drive. They ran the clock out, got into Lions territory, and set up a 44 yard Robbie Gould field goal to win the game with 3 seconds left. Hope seemed bleak for Detroit. But on that fateful Sunday….. God was a Lions fan. The snap went high. Way high. Past the holder. Past Gould. There’s a race to the ball!!! And it’s scooped up by…… Amani Oruwariye!!!!!!!!! He’s got it at midfield!! He’s running to the endzone. Will anyone catch him??????? NO. THEY. WON’T!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIONS WIN!!! LIONS WIN!!!!! LIONS WIN!!!!!!!!!!! For the first time in franchise history, the Detroit Lions are Super Bowl bound!!!!!!! Lions win by a final of 23-17. 

My God what a game. The Lions are starting to feel like a team of destiny, but can they get past Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills? Two Rust Belt cities starving for their first Lombardi Trophy. 

Tune in tomorrow for Super Bowl 56 from Los Angeles. 

The Buffalo Bills versus The Detroit Lions.