A Lions-Rams Shootout Highlights An Epic Wild Card Weekend


In case you somehow missed it, I created my own NFL season to help us fill this football void. Yesterday I blogged the regular season results which you can catch up on above. Today we have our Wild Card Round Playoffs. 6 games. Our matchups are as follows:


7) Raiders at 2) Bills

6) Dolphins at 3) Titans

5) Pats at 4) Bengals


7) 49ers at 2) Cowboys

6) Cardinals at 3) Bucs

5) Lions at 4) Rams

My favorite thing to do is decide the schedule of Wild Card Round. Try to predict when games will be played based on what the TV networks would want. So I'll do that here too. 

Saturday 4:30

6) Dolphins - 17

3) Titans - 27

Not having a head coach really hurt the Dolphins here. I’m not one to mess with reality, so they were forced to play this game without a coach since Brian Flores was fired in real life after the regular season. D’Onta Foreman had a huge game for Tennessee with Derrick Henry out. He ran for 208 yards and 2 TDs. After the game, he tweeted at me to thank me for believing in him all season and it started a beautiful friendship. 


Saturday 8:00

5) Pats - 24

4) Bengals - 27

This game went to OT strictly because I wanted a game to go to OT. Good for viewership. Joe Burrow put up 384 yards and 3 TDs and looked really cool doing it. Ja'Marr Chase was kept under control, but Tee Higgins went off for 14-168-1. (I just like Tee Higgins. Last year I named an orange ball in my apartment after him and pretended like it was him all season). Evan McPherson (the kicker from my fantasy championship this season) hit a 56 yard FG to win it in OT after a Pats punt. 

Sunday 1:00

7) Raiders - 17

2) Bills - 37

Just a blowout. The Raiders truly never had a chance. Josh Allen threw 1 passing TD to Dawson Knox and had 1 rushing TD. Devin Singletary (who is my cousin, like for real. Through marriage not blood) had 180 total yards and 2 rushing TDs. Derek Carr sucks and threw 3 INTs. But one bright spot for Las Vegas was that Foster Moreau did have a nice game, bringing in 9 catches for 101 yards and a TD. A reward for following me on Instagram. 

Sunday 4:30

7) 49ers - 23

2) Cowboys - 17

The Cowboys had a chance at a game winning drive towards the end of the game, but they called a QB draw play up the middle with 18 seconds left and no timeouts. Dak Prescott was tackled in the middle of the field, the clock kept running, and they were unable to get another play off and the 49ers won. A scenario this ridiculous could obviously only happen in this fantasy land. 

Sunday 8:00

6) Cardinals - 22

3) Bucs - 27

I considered giving the Cardinals a win here since I had a future on them to win the NFC from the preseason. But I had to keep things realistic and objective. The final score here is a bit misleading. The Cardinals did get a safety early in the game to lead 2-0. Just thought that would be kind of neat. But the Bucs dominated the rest of the game. They led 27-15 with 1 minute left and the Cardinals had a garbage time TD. Chase Edmonds (a Fordham grad) had a nice game with 118 total yards and a TD. 

Monday 8:00 

5) Lions - 31

4) Rams - 30

Just an instant classic. Hype was high for this game as Matt Stafford and Jared Goff both faced off against their former teams. It was a close, back and forth game. The Rams led 27-24 in the 4th and had a long drive to kill the clock, kicking a FG to go up 30-24 with 1:24 left. After a touchback, the Lions got the ball back at their own 25 with 1 TO. Could Jared Goff get revenge on the team that gave up on him? Yes. He. Could. He marched them down field and hit Amon-Ra St. Brown (another champion from my fantasy team) for a 17 yard TD on a slant route with 4 seconds left. Pandemonium on Detroit's sideline. Goff finished 31-47 for 371 yards and 3 TDs, getting sweet revenge on the team that traded him and giving Detroit their first playoff win in 30 years.

So that wraps up an exciting round of playoff games. Tomorrow will be our divisional round, which some call the best weekend in sports. Here are out matchups. 


4) Bengals @ 1) Chiefs

3) Titans @ 2) Bills


7) 49ers @ 1) Packers

5) Lions @ 3) Bucs

Tune in tomorrow for results!