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Roy Kent & Oscar The Grouch In A Grouch-Off Is The Collaboration Of The Century

Listen kids...I can't sit here and say I was a Sesame Street junkie growing up because I sure as hell wasn't. Big Bird was a little intimidating if we're being honest. I obviously respected the Cookie Monsters grind on his never-ending quest for cookies. Count Von Count surely did NOT make me love vampires in the slightest. Though Oscar the Grouch always caught my eye the most. You'd think on a kids show everyone is happy all the time, there should be no grouches! Yet Oscar's always sitting there angry as hell at the world like his DOGE just shot all the way down and that always sat with me so I gotta say it's nice to see Mr. Grouch get a friend in this match made in heaven.

And that friend is clearly the one & only Roy Kent. Time for an obligatory "HE'S HERE....HE'S THERE...HE'S EVERY FUCKIN' WHERE! ROY KEEEEENT!". And with that means he truly IS everywhere including goddamn Sesame Street hanging with Oscar. What classic duos come to my mind when you think of these 2 guys hanging out? Mario & Jagr? Gretzky & Messier? Forrest & Bubba? McGwire and he who will not be named? All great, yet I think they pail in comparison to Roy & Oscar. 

Also since we're talking sesame street obligatory Gandolfini on Sesame Street clip