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LeBron Concedes This Lakers Season Is Over, Starts Planning His Retirement Tour

It’s been an open secret for a long time that LeBron wanted to play with Bronny in the League. And I don’t blame him, that’s cool as hell. When you’ve already accomplished everything else, what keeps you motivated to keep pushing? Playing with your son, guaranteeing him getting drafted in the first round, and Bron wearing potentially the most random jersey of all time are more than on the table at this point - we’re merely waiting for the time to pass for this to become a reality.

As a father I love the move. Bronny is a good basketball player. I haven’t seen anyone dub him a can’t miss NBA prospect by any means, and I’m sure LeBron isn’t blind to that. By making them a package deal, what team *wouldn’t* sign up for that?

Better yet - why not take Bronny first and demand a haul for him from a contender who could use last stage LeBron to push them over the top? The Lakers have a million problems this year, LeBron is still putting up his career numbers, he can still run an offense like few others in history, those skills wont be entirely gone in two years. Imagine the Utah Jazz putting four pick and three pick swaps on the table for the rights to sign LeBron? Imagine if GM LeBron decides he doesn’t want to leave the Lakers, forces them to trade their future assets (again) just so he and Bronny can play Showtime together? This is essentially the opposite of a rookie QB holding out and forcing his way to Denver or New York.

Either a shitty, perennial lottery team is going to be able to sell a ton of James jerseys for the rest of time or a contender is going to risk it all - including their locker room chemistry - for LeBron’s last ride. I’m personally very excited for future Sacramento King LeBron James.