JOURNALISM: It's Possible Patrick Mahomes Did Not Have A Sit-Down With His Brother and Fiancé About Staying Away From Games Because Their Antics Are Bad For His Brand


If you click the above link, you will see a report that Patrick Mahomes had a sit-down with his brother and fiancé about staying away from games because their antics are bad for his brand. Because I am a man of journalism, the first thing I wrote was "is this true? Beats me. Should it be true? 150%, yes.". Obviously I had my skepticism because of the source, but it was the number 1 story on Sports Twitter so it had to be blogged. And would it really be that stunning if Patrick had reached his tipping point? Absolutely not. In fact, I'd wager he has told Jackson to kindly shut the fuck up multiple times.

But due to the high journalistic integrity we here at Barstool Sports Inc. hold ourselves to, I will present the other side of the story:




So if it's not true, I'd like to use my platform and say from the bottom of my heart, and I truly mean this…










They both stink and Patrick should toss em both into the Mississippi. Have a good weekend everyone.