Impractical Jokers Will Return With A Bunch Of Guest Stars Including Eric Andre Who Is An Absolute Perfect Fit

Deadline: Turner’s TNETs is going big with the return of Impractical Jokers. For the first episode since star Joe Gatto announced that he was leaving the comedy troupe, the company plans an April simulcast of a supersized special across all three of its networks — TBS, TNT and truTV. It will mark the first time that the truTV show has aired at the same time on its other networks. The episode will air on Saturday, April 2 directly following the NCAA Men’s Final Four.

It will see Brian “Q” Quinn, James “Murr” Murray and Sal Vulcano pal around with Bad Trip star Eric André. It comes as a new season of the show is currently in production and will return this summer with new episodes featuring different celebrity guests.

Well this is fantastic news. Last month, the news broke that Joe was leaving Impractical Jokers in the midst of marriage troubles. I dubbed it the worst thing that has ever happened, and I don't think that was an exaggeration. We hadn't heard any news about a possible replacement. In that blog, I hypothesized a few things. No replacement at all. Joey Fatone. Casey Jost. Random other friend they have who does improv. Etc. But the thought of Eric Andre never crossed my mind. And boy oh boy, am I excited. 

Eric Andre is truly the perfect fit. He obviously has a ton of man-on-the-street/prank experience between The Eric Andre Show and Bad Trip, but he brings a whole new element to Impractical Jokers. Way darker, riskier, more twisted humor. I think it could be exactly what the show needs. The main knock on the show is that it can be too cheesy with the forced laughs and all that, but Eric Andre is the antithesis of all that. I heard Q talk on a podcast about how he's had a lot of darker, more mature ideas that usually get nixed from the show that he's hoping to get involved with Joe gone. And Eric Andre is a perfect complement for that. 

Now, I should note this is only for a two-hour special episode, not the whole season. But it's airing on a bunch of channels right after the Final Four so good be a great way to draw new fans in who haven't watched the show at all or maybe want to give it another try with Eric Andre now involved. 

The show will then return for a new season in the summer with what seems like a revolving door of celebrity guest stars. I think that's probably the best move. It wouldn't have been the same with just three people. And having just one replacement would have put too much pressure on them. This gives a people a different reason to tune in every week and see who the guest star is. Some possibilities: Robbie mentioned Sacha Baron Cohen who would be awesome. I think guys with improv background like Ben Schwartz and Thomas Middleditch would work too. Any of the Jackass guys. There's a ton of funny people out there so thy have lots of options. I would be willing to be a guest star on an episode if asked, for the record. And it looks like that might happen!

If Survivor won't cast me, maybe they will!

 Overall just a great piece of news for all Impractical Jokers fans out there. We're back baby!