Typical LeBron: Trying To Hijack The Rams Winning The Super Bowl, Wants A Joint Parade For His Mickey Mouse Title

Hey does someone want to tell LeBron we're a couple seasons removed from the bubble? Maybe worry about making the playoffs this year? Just a little hint from an old pal here. You're 26-31 and lucky to be in the West and still in 9th place. This is where I wish LeBron had some sort of funny in him. I'd honestly laugh my ass off if he skipped a game to go to the Rams parade and try to make it celebrating the Lakers. It's so insane, that I'd have no choice but to laugh. But no, LeBron is completely serious about a joint parade for three teams. Listen man, teams won titles during coronavirus. You just gotta deal with it. You don't get a parade a few years later because the Rams won. Just embrace being a Cowboys/Browns/Rams fan like he apparently is. 

I honestly think this might be the low point in Lakers history. Not what James Worthy said: 

But trying to snake their way into a parade for a completely different team would be as low as low goes. That's some JV, mid-major basketball at best shit. This is what everyone yells about SEC football. You don't see Vanderbilt having a parade because Alabama wins titles. Simply pathetic.