Here's Jon Stewart's Final Moment Of Zen: Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band - Born To Run

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So if you watched Jon Stewart’s final Daily Show last night you saw a lot of celebrity happy crap. People kissing his dick left and right, correspondents coming back to show homage and all that jazz. But I’m not gonna lie, I kind of shed a tear. I won’t hide Jon Stewart has been one of my greatest inspirations growing up. Shit, the main reason I started doing (and failing) stand up is because my dream was to be a Daily Show correspondent. So I guess it’s a bittersweet moment that my comedic idol is closed out by my musical God. I went to one live Daily Show taping in my life way back in 2008 during the Presidential campaign (coincidentally when they aired one of the greatest bits ever, Jason Jones goes to Wasilla, Alaska. Hysterical.). But one thing that stood out beyond the rest is how much Bruce was ROCKED. Like, before the show, during commercial breaks, and after the dance. Born To Run was blasted like a pump up jam right before airtime. And apparently that happened during every single show in Jon Stewart’s 16 year run. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing. It’s just Bruce is a lifestyle, and either you’re in or you’re out. That is all.

PS – Three living people I would need to sit down and have dinner with in this world: Bruce Springsteen, Jon Stewart, John Kruk. Believe it.