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Robert Woods Calling Eli Apple 'Applesauce' After Cooper Kupp Smoked Him For The Game-Winning TD Is Perfectly Ruthless

Well, let's add this one to the list. Clem went through Twitter last night and found a bunch of players rightfully making fun of Eli Apple: 

A lot of good ones in there, but Applesauce takes it. That's the perfect nickname for Eli Apple and what I'll be calling that bum from here on out. Never liked Eli Apple, mostly because he was a waste of a pick for the Giants and consistently whined and runs his mouth. Hey dude, you stunk. Facts are facts. You made a nice tackle on Tyreek Hill and decided to talk shit. Fair is fair for everyone to make fun of you for it. 

I'm starting to understand why Eli Apple kept going on and on about wanting to defend Odell. He got smoked by Kupp throw after throw. He probably kept reminding the Bengals he's supposed to defend Odell and not Kupp. Hard to blame him for that. Maybe he's self-aware and knew he had no chance against Kupp. Either way, Applesauce is fucking hilarious. Robert Woods, out with a torn ACL obviously, saying nothing else but that is just exactly how it should be.