UFC Fighter Sprints Into The Cage Full Speed And Falls Down To Start The First Round

Uhhh, what the fuck was that? Did he just freak out? Oh, and to make matters worse - for my City Kickboxing parlay at least - that dude actually WON the fight a few minutes later!

It was ridiculous, but the trip basically allowed this fight to go the exact way Wells needed it to, where the grappling was involved waaay too much for the UFC newcomer (and KICKBOXER) Blood Diamond to handle. He just hasn't figured that part of the game out yet. Shame he was matched up with a wrestler here, because I'm still interested to see what his striking looks like.

Luckily, the following fight between Douglas Silva de Andrade and Sergey Morozov made up for all the fuckery in that one, though, because it was a bloody slugfest that featured an amazing comeback by Andrade....


About as good of a fight as you could ask for INCREDIBLY early on in the night….I feel sorry for anyone who bought tickets but didn't show up for the prelims!!

If you wanna listen to someone who actually knows what they're talking about when it comes to picks, though, ride with Paddy the Baddy….