After a Five Month Investigation, Trevor Bauer Will Not Face Any Criminal Charges From The LA District Attorney's Office

Meg Oliphant. Getty Images.

A five month investigation dating back to the 2021 baseball season has finally concluded with LA's District Attorney choosing to not file any charges towards Trevor Bauer. Honestly with the focus being the lockout right now and the season starting on time, I forgot this case was still going on. Bauer put out a video today explaining everything right after the announcement.  

Ken Rosenthal adds here that MLB can still choose to suspend him when the season gets going.

Once the text messages came out during the investigation it was kinda obvious where this was headed. Honestly here's how I see it…Trevor Bauer is a weird dude and an asshole, but if a 5 month investigation into this turned up absolutely nothing then how are you going to justify suspending the guy? They couldn't even file charges or a restraining order. How does MLB step in here and say they have the grounds to suspend him further after he sat out a ton of time last year on administrative leave? I don't see how that makes sense.  All that they have on Bauer are allegations which the DA's office didn't find valid enough to move forward with. Could the Dodgers move on from him? Certainly possible, but that remains to be seen. Who the hell knows when this season is going to start at this rate, but Trevor Bauer will be a part of it when it does.