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The College Lacrosse Season Is Less Than A Week Old And Brennan O'Neill Is Already Bullying Everybody In His Path

The thing that makes Brennan O'Neill such a great lacrosse player is probably the fact that he's just bigger, faster, and stronger than pretty much anybody he plays against. He was all of those things last year as a freshman at Duke, and now that's he's had another year to get even bigger and faster and stronger? Well good luck ever trying to stop this mutant from filling the back of the net whenever he has the ball in his stick. 

Which is exactly what Robert Morris had to deal with in their opening game of the season. 

6 goals in the season opener for Brennan O'Neill. The first coming just 15 seconds into the season with a casual rip from about 15 yards out. The last being this goal where you know he was just out there to make a mockery out of anybody attempting to defend against him. It's not even like the fake jump shot did much to give O'Neill an advantage here. But it stopped the defender's feet just long enough for him to get in, draw a little contact, barrel his way underneath, look down low with his eyes to sell the goalie on it and then stuff it up top. Not a big deal or anything. 

The good news is that every goalie in the nation got to enjoy their Saturday with Duke having the day off. You only have so many Saturdays in college, and surely it would be an entirely wasted one if you had to face #34. So I'm happy nobody had to have the best day of their week ruined by this menace. Tough news for Vermont, though, was that they were next in line to hop on the train tracks on Sunday. And Brennan O'Neill wasn't slowing down. 

I mean that's just as violent of a question mark as I've ever seen. Initiate contact, he practically carried his defenseman another yard or so above GLE to give himself a better angle, roll away and obliterate the bottom right corner. Just a little word to the wise--you miiiiiight want to slide a little earlier to Brennan O'Neill. Just some food for thought, ya know. 

But yeah. 3 goals against Vermont to go along with the 6 he put up against RMU. The first weekend of the season and he put up 9 goals without breaking a sweat. It's going to be a long year for anybody on Duke's schedule.