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BREAKING: Coach Cal Knows What He's Doing So Get Off His Ass And Stop Questioning Him

Well that settles it. The biggest debate in college basketball from a lineup standpoint is done. The No. 1 recruit Shaedon Sharpe isn't playing this year. Sharpe reclassified and joined Kentucky after the first semester. It became a very much will he play, won't he play situation. The only grew when it was announced he was actually eligible for next year's Draft, which was different reporting than when he joined. 

Now here's the thing. I trust Coach Cal. This is a blog for Kentucky fans, deal with it. I'm told to blog Kentucky, I'm going to do it when it comes to this team. What else is Calipari going to say here? The team is rolling. They went 3-1 the last four Saturday's with a home game against Tennessee and road games at Auburn, Kansas and Alabama. Pretty good! They currently are 4th in the NET and 3rd in KenPom. Pretty good! He found a rotation that is working. He's starting Wheeler, TyTy, Grady, Brooks and Oscar. He shortened the rotation with Mintz as the 6th man, Toppin in for Brooks and then spot minutes for Hopkins, Collins and Ware. It's all working! 

That's what matters. It's working. Will it suck if Sharpe goes to the NBA Draft without playing a minute for Kentucky? Of course. But it's part of the game. How are you supposed to yell at someone when they are making a multi-million dollar decision here. Do I want Sharpe to come back? Of course. That's a dumb question. But the fact is I'm never going to yell about a kid deciding to go get millions of dollars. I'd do the same shit. 

So fine, it's time to stop questioning Calipari. What else do people want from him this year? He took the disaster that was last year and proved it's an outlier. He's playing more guards. He's playing faster. He's having guys shoot threes. He's winning good road games. There's 1 bad loss - Notre Dame. Even since then you can see the change in how he's coaching and the team. So if Cal decides this, it's time to blindly follow.