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All Things Coming Up Kentucky Already: No. 1 Recruit Shaedon Sharpe Is Joining The Team In December, '100% Staying' For Next Year

Here I am mentally preparing for the first day of the season. Getting all my blogs together, previews, scouting all that good stuff. Then I get hit with this news? Good win early in the day. I'll take it. Shaedon Sharpe is awesome. Pretty clear since he's the No. 1 overall recruit for the class of 2022. 

We saw Hami Diallo do this exact thing when he was at Kentucky. As a fan? It's awesome. Let Sharpe get a semester of practice in, learning the system and stay for the next year. Apparently he has to anyways because he didn't graduate high school before the NBA season started. But getting him on campus and keeping him there for a year and a half is a huge win. We know there's always turnover in Kentucky. We know that likely TyTy Washington is gone along with probably 2-3 others at a minimum. Plus with the addition of NIL, Sharpe can make some serious money. Thank you for that rule. 

Honestly, I wish he wouldn't even redshirt. He's not going to be there after next year, so get him some minutes if we need him. I don't care. Give me as much talent as possible and let's figure it out as we go. Sure, if Kentucky is rolling and chemistry is great it doesn't matter. But Sharpe is unreal. Either way here we are around lunch time and Kentucky got a win. Let them get 2 today please.