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Four U.S. Marines WRONGLY Arrested At San Diego Zoo For Enjoying Gondola Ride

Via NBC San Diego:

Four men arrested on felony vandalism charges after an alleged stunt on a San Diego Zoo ride have been identified as Marines assigned to the San Diego-based 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing.

Witnesses claimed the Marines were rocking the Skyfari Aerial Tram gondola they were in back and forth, according to SDPD officer Darius Jamsetjee.

About 100 passengers were on the ride when it was forced to stop. It took a little more than two hours for zoo staff and San Diego Fire-Rescue crews to help them all off.

I'm sorry - I thought this was America. I thought this was a country of FREEDOM where we were allowed to exercise our God given right to violently rock a gondola with our buddies to see how far it will actually swing back and forth until one of us pussies out and nervously says, "Ok guys, maybe we should stop, ha ha," and then everyone else rips on the one who chickened out until the scaredy cat gives in and starts rocking the gondola again and then you all join in full force chanting "GONDOLA GONDOLA, GOOBLE GOBBLE, GOOBLE GOBBLE, GONDOLA GONDOLA" and it jumps off the track and the police become involved. Guess I was mistaken. For shame. 

Furthermore, anyone who knows anything about enlisted Marines knows that four enlisted Marines should never be allowed on a gondola alone together; Wacky things happen when they're moving in herds with idle time. So really this should fall on the San Diego Zoo. In my mind these guys were wrongly arrested, because I know whoever was operating the lift saw their high & tight haircuts, dog tags & camo backpacks and knew better than to let them on, but did so anyway. Again, for shame. 


In closing, the BEST detail of this story is that here I was thinking it was four privates or PFCs who did this, but it was 2 PFCs, one Corporal and a Sergeant. Love it, quality bonding time. Leadership at its finest if you ask me. 

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