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Last Night, We Recorded A HEAVY Episode Of "On The Guest List" Breaking Down The Neil Young vs. Joe Rogan vs. Spotify Fiasco

So last week, the Neil Young vs. Joe Rogan & Spotify theater was the hot topic making the rounds in the media. Both Dante and Coley did an amazing job writing about the story and opining with their $0.02. You can read Coley's blog here and Dante's blog here.  There was a LOT more that needed to be said though.

That's where the music podcast I started with Colin Budny of Foxtrot and the Get Down and Kenny Carkeet, a DIAMOND (yes, diamond) recording artist with Awolnation steps in. What do THEY think of all of this? We've gotten our opinions from up and down the political spectrum from those not in the industry, but what about those that are? 

This was a HEAVY show. Out of all the podcasts I've done, this episode of On The Guest List was the deepest, most "real" episode of a podcast I've ever recorded. We had people from all walks of life giving their "takes" on the matter and all 5 of us on today's episode finished recording with the ability to see things from the other "side" while not wanting that side dead. In the end, civil discourse ALWAYS wins. This episode was cathartic, emotional, and from our hearts. 

I'm not going to give some clickbait sales pitch title and blog for this episode. I'm going to let the episode sell itself because it was the most constructive discourse you'll find ANYWHERE on the internet regarding this topic.

That said, please subscribe to the show, rate it 5 stars, and drop a review for us and please leave feedback. We want to build a legit music vertical at Barstool and it starts with this episode of this show. Dante, Kenny, Colin and Will are insanely smart, articulate and not afraid to voice their opinions on delicate manners. We left it ALL on the table. Without speaking for the others, I can safely say that I've reached the "fuck it" part of this mess and spoke honestly and from my heart. A lot of times in my position, the best move is not making one because you run the risk of alienating a lot of your listenership, but I've reached a boiling point and went all in. I personally left nothing unsaid. 

***One spoiler I have no problem giving out: all 5 us us were in COMPLETE agreement that if Neil Young was all about "change" instead of taking his ball and going home, then he should have gotten a team of doctors to combat what Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough said. Have them sit down for a 3 hour CIVIL (keyword) debate on why Malone and McCullough are wrong. "Be the change you want to see". I would bet every last dollar to my name that Joe Rogan would accept this offer without thinking twice. He embraces conversation and dialogue. If I'm him, I'm offering that to everyone who tries to deplatform and censor him.***

And I think a TON of good would come from it. Like I said, civil discourse wins more often than not. 

Here's the link to the episode, which can ironically be found on Spotify and every other podcasting platform.