Jim Harbaugh Will Interview For The Vikings Head Coaching Job In Minnesota On Wednesday, Which Just So Happens To Be National Signing Day

Alright, so I guess we can finally say that this may be a little more than Jim Harbaugh trying to negotiate his next contract fresh off his first win over Ohio State and an appearance in the College Football Playoff. I know National Signing Day isn't the spectacle it once was where a bazillion teenagers put on hats which would cause full grown adults to scream ungodly shit about them on the internet. I only know that because I remember Coach Prime shocked the world back in December, much to some people's chagrin.

This clip will make me laugh for the rest of my life

But going from sleeping over a kickers house because you wanted him to sign that badly to being in another state interviewing with an NFL team on National Signing Day is a WILD transition, considering I'm pretty sure college coaches tell recruits they are coaching at that school until the day the Lord takes them off of the Earth since college football is all about optics, tradition, and most importantly...

There is also a chance that Harbaugh is also going balls to the wall for his next deal by looking to get closer to Saban money without anything near Saban results and Harbaugh is thinking if his body can't get the contact it craves, it'll get a mental workout through all the stress of doing high level negotiations on a tight rope because he is a sick fuck. But damn this feels like we may be getting Jim Harbaugh's return to the NFL, which is a win for all of us since the mere thought of watching him on the sidelines after Kirk Cousins makes a Bad Kirk Cousins throw during a primetime game is laugh out loud funny.

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Also I fully admit that I've wanted anybody with the last name Harbaugh to coach the Giants ever since General Coughlin """resigned""" from his post at MetLife. It could be Jim, John, their dad, their wives. Hell, I'd even lump Tom Crean into the mix. But luckily a new man officially arrived into my life today as bald, bearded, and beautiful as me. So I wish Harbaugh, the Vikings, and Michigan all the best over the next few days as I watch this video on loop.