Sean McVay Having to Plead With Rams Fans to Quit Selling Their Tickets to People from SF is a Sad, Pathetic Disgrace

This might just be my Patriots bias showing, but I like Sean McVay. Possibly more than I've liked any non-former Patriots head coach besides Sean Payton, who was always on the side of the angels thanks to his relationship with Bill Belichick and the fact he too was persecuted by Ginger Satan. 

I've liked McVay ever since Super Bowl LIII, when he gave Belichick the same treatment Chris Farley gave Paul McCartney:

I mean, sure, as I watch this a part of me is a little insecure about someone else working my side of the street. But like in their case, the respect between Bill and me is a mutual one. So I'm good with McVay. There's room for another fanboy in this entourage. But gee whiz, fella. I've never been this shameless with the man. Take it down about 15%. 

With that said, I honestly feel bad for McVay. Yes, he's a respected offensive genius and one win away from going back to his second Super Bowl in the last four. He's young and successful and has what some might consider to be a moderately attractive spouse. But still, he deserves better. At least in terms of fan support. 

That he, in the lead up to hosting an NFC championship game has been reduced to doing this is just degrading and humilating:

Source - The last time the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers squared off, Rams fans appeared to be outnumbered in their own stadium. There was a blanket of red that flooded the stands at SoFi Stadium, making it difficult for the Rams to communicate on offense. 

Sean McVay would prefer if that didn’t happen again on Sunday. He urged fans not to sell their tickets to the NFC Championship Game, saying the Rams would appreciate it if they held onto them.

“I tell you what, what a great opportunity that we have to be able to put together a great week of preparation so that we can have something that the fans can be proud of. And to be able to play at home, SoFi Mr. Kroenke’s house that he built, an NFC Championship. Couldn’t be more appreciative of the support we felt from our fans throughout the whole year. I thought the Monday night atmosphere was electric and looking to create something (similar) – and even that much more – for the NFC Championship. Really grateful for those Rams fans. Hold onto those tickets and it’ll be much appreciated. But our guys are looking forward to putting on a good show against a great opponent. Can’t wait to be able to do it and don’t sell those tickets!”

Pathetic. Pitiful.

And also outrageous. This talented, appreciative man having to plead with his city to turn out to see his team like he's Norman Dale telling the kids at Hickory that he might only have five players and no Jimmy Chitwood, but they deserve support. And not the coach of a team in the NFL's Final Four. It's a grim reminder that NFL life is not a meritocracy. That deserving has nothing to do with getting. There are a couple of dozen fanbases who would, en masse, cut a major organ out of their own bodies and sacrifice it to a vengeful god for a team in a conference championship and a coach like McVay. But the second largest city in America is pretty much indifferent. 

If there was any justice, Los Angeles wouldn't have any NFL team. But they have two. And the more popular (using the term as loosely as possible) one is about to have a road game in their own stadium. Because they're only in that stadium as part of a land development deal involving the team owner. One he and the NFL are being sued for by St. Louis, a market that apparently actually gives a shit the Rams exist. Which is more than anyone can say about this wretched hive of scum and villainy on the Pacific. 

Not that anyone should be surprised. LA didn't show up the last time the Rams were in contention. This:

As opposed to this:

As much as I like McVay, this only solidifies my support for San Francisco. He might deserve better, but the city he has the misfortune of coaching does not. From whom much is given, much is expected. And Los Angeles doesn't deliver. I hope that palace, that monument to hideous excess, is painted red from one end to the other with Jimmy Garoppolo jerseys. I won't root for a city that doesn't have the common decency to root for itself. 

I say again: The McVays deserve better.