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I May Not Have Any Toxic Masculinity. But I Do Draw A Line Somewhere

-I’m not someone who cares about manliness and appearing like some rugged man (obviously). I have less toxic masculinity than maybe any man on this planet. I almost exclusively order girly pink drinks. The only shot I’ll do is green tea. I have never even considered throwing a punch. I once put on a wig and let a coworker finger my butthole for a video. But even with all that being said, I don’t think I would ever order avocado toast. 

-Whenever two sides are arguing, I will always believe the thing that is said to me most recently. It doesn’t matter how strong the first side was, the second I hear the other side, it sways me over to them. Now I can be swayed back to the original side once they go again and back and forth it goes. Basically if I was on a jury for a murder trail, and there was an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove the suspect’s innocence. DNA. Witnesses. You name it. But … the prosecution’s closing argument went last? I would probably send that innocent man to die. 

-I’ve never understood why people think it’s more important to lock their doors when they’re out of the house than when they’re home. When you’re not home, they just take your stuff but you’re safe. When you’re home, they can kill you. People will say “Oh why do I need to lock the door? I’m home!” Yeah that’s exactly why! If a guy with a gun comes in they’re not going to be like “Oh shit Craig's in the living room. Sorry didn't know you'd be here. My bad" and walk out. They’re going to shoot you in the face with a gun! Moral of the story here is always lock your doors. 

-I feel like there’s some songs that you just can’t listen to during some tasks. The other day I was listening to music while I was folding clothes and putting them away and “Wild For The Night” came on. And it didn’t feel right to be mouthing “We’re going wild for the night fuck being polite” as I was folding a sheet and trying to find matching socks. 

-You can say “good morning” to start an interaction but not to end one. It’s a hello not a goodbye. Meanwhile, you can say “good night” to end an interaction but not to start one. It’s a goodbye instead of a hello. I have nothing else to add here. This is just an observation I have made. 

-About 6 months ago, I told you guys about the problem where my apartment building with 30 floors now just has one working elevator. That is still the case. The elevator under construction is the one that goes right down to the basement where we put our garbage and recycling. So now to take our recycling out, we have to take the working elevator down to the lobby and then walk down a flight of stairs to get to the basement. Can be a bit annoying if you're carrying a lot of stuff. And we're on the 16th floor (about) so it's a bit of a trek. But I'm young whippersnapper so I do it without a problem. But lately I've noticed that in our 16th floor hallway, people have been leaving their empty recycling boxes by our elevator. Just in the hallway we all share. Pretty fucking rude. And I checked the box to see what apartment it was addressed to and I'm pretty sure the people that live there are young and very capable of bringing it down. So my initial reaction was to irrationally hate them. But then I thought, "Hmmm. It is pretty stupid that we have to make such a trek to take our recycling down as long as this elevator is down. And it's stupid that this elevator is down to begin with and is taking so long to fix. Perhaps the building should have a system in place where we can leave recycling somewhere in our hallway and then someone who works for the building can take it down. Make it easier on us residents as we deal with this annoying elevator project." So basically my question here is who do I hate: the neighbors or the building itself? I obviously can't just let this go like some kind of normal person. I must hate. And also may I add that I almost didn't even do this thought because earlier this week we got an email from our building saying that whoever is doing this on our floor must stop. And I don't want someone on my floor potentially seeing this video and thinking I was the one who ratted. I didn't rat to the building. I was merely going to rat to the whole Internet about it. Anyway, that's a thing going on in my life right now. 

Thank you for your time.