After Announcing It On Twitter Three Days Ago, Baker Mayfield Has Now Gone To Instagram To Say He's Stepping Away From Social Media

^ Three days ago, Baker Mayfield implied on Twitter that he was taking a break from social media because he was upset people were comparing him to Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes

Late last night, he confirmed it via Instagram:


There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Baker is #DONE with social media. Source: Baker on social media (twice).

I'm usually not one to fall for trolling, but folks, you can call me Auntie Anne, because my mind is in a pretzel right now. I've thought about this for 15 minutes and I still can't figure out if he's serious or if he's messing with everyone. Someone that needs to give up the toxicity of social media does not go to Twitter and Instagram to tell everyone he's giving up social media. Wouldn't be surprised to see a TikTok surface later this afternoon with an up close video explaining his decision. Might even change his Facebook status to "It's Complicated". I mean, 7th grade English teachers across the country need to open up their lesson plan books this morning...Baker Mayfield just gave you a textbook definition of how to teach irony.


I'm calling bullshit. 

There is a 0.00% chance Baker is giving up social media. At best he'll delete the app and be back on by the weekend. But honestly, I bet the guy has a couple burners by lunch time today. Typing "Baker Mayfield" into the search bar and just watching the feed throughout the day. Because this guy needs to read about himself more than alcoholics need a drink. More than Big Ben needs a VPN. More than humans need to breathe.