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Paddy The Baddy Is Apparently NOT Fighting Who Dana White Told Dave He Was Fighting

Our guy Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett is apparently NOT facing Jared Gordon after all! Dana led us astray from the case!

I guess he said "probably" after all?

According to multiple reports, he'll be taking on Kazula Vargas instead, which is, in my opinion, a much better matchup for Paddy in his second UFC fight ever. Vargas is 1-2 in the UFC (with one loss coming by way of an illegal knee, so kinda 1-1-1) whereas Jared Gordon is a much more experienced 6-3. This definitely makes more sense if you're looking to build the right way as a 1-0 UFC fighter, taking say the Sean O'Malley path up the ladder.

I'll admit, it woulda been a very fun build with Gordon as a B-side....

….so hopefully we'll get the chance to go back and forth yet again some day. 

Anyway, Paddy's gonna maul this guy and get one of the biggest crowd reactions you've ever heard in London on March 19th. Probably a first or second round finish if I had to guess. Mark it down. I can't wait. Imagine the SCENES.