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MASSIVE: "Call of Duty" Is Looking To Move Away From Annual Releases And Focus On Longer Lifespan Games

MASSIVE NEWS - this is what us gamers have wanted for the LONGEST time. Call of Duty releases nowadays are not at all like they used to be in the past. We don't get Call of Duty 4, World at War, and then MW2 in consecutive years. Games today are too complex and in-depth to be able to churn out the same way they used to. 

Prior to Activision getting bought by Microsoft, in no world would Activision have given up their yearly billion dollars worth of sales from releasing a yearly Call of Duty. Under the Microsoft wing, that $1B in sales is just another drop in the bucket as Whitwell points out.

Under this new model where Activision focuses fully on one title and using constant updates, we should *in theory* get better versions of games instead of games releasing with massive glitches and features not within the game at launch.

That's what DevRickus' biggest worry was and it's certainly something to keep in mind. However, if the developers had one focus of making the best Call of Duty game that would last for multiple years, I have faith that it would be better than a Vanguard and more like a MW2019.


Think about what the developers have done with Warzone - Warzone is basically a staple that transcends individual Call of Duties, but incorporates each game's weapons into the atmosphere. Granted a better anti-cheat would be helpful, but Warzone is showing us the potential of the entire brand focusing on one feature and trying to make it as best as it could possibly be.

So, at the end of the day, if this goes through and Activision stops releasing annual Call of Duties, it's going to be a great thing for gamers. Call of Duty should adopt the Destiny (the video game - aka one of the best games of all time) model and introduce new storylines, content and weapons every 2-3 months with an ever evolving game.