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The Most Addicting Game Of All Time Has To Be Destiny 1

Destiny 1 was the most addicting game of all time. If you had a couple buddies that were committed to the Raid and Trials grind, there was NOTHING like D1.

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(I know this gif is from D2, but it fits so well. Destiny 2 was a flop in my opinion)

Nerd alert This portion of the blog will be very gaming intense about my real review of Destiny 1 and why Destiny 2 flopped.

Destiny 1

What made Destiny 1 so good you might ask? Mainly, it had a very old-school, grind-focused style. If you didn't commit hours to beating the story, hunting for exotics, completing the weekly Vault of Glass Raid/Trials of Osiris, your character would be at a disadvantage.

Before we continue, I do want to pour one out for the pre-nerfed Gjallahorn (Best Rocket Launcher Ever)

No joke, I would play Destiny 1 every single night from 8pm - 4am and even after that sesh, it still felt like there was more to do. You could NEVER run out of content in Destiny 1. 

In D1, you could choose between 3 guardian characters - Titan, Warlock or Hunter. Each character had different pros/cons which made them unique depending on your playstyle. I rocked with the Titan because he had the most health and armor. Think of him like a Linebacker or Lineman, the dude was built different. 

Hunter was more focused on agility and speed, while the Warlock specialized in magic and abilities.

In the simplest sense, Destiny is mainly about finding powerful weapons and gear for your guardian. The tiers were:

- Common (White)

- Uncommon (Green)

- Rare (Blue)

- Legendary (Purple)

- Exotic (Gold)

All exotic gear came with special abilities and you could only have (1) Exotic weapon piece (out of 3 slots) and (1) Exotic armor piece equipped at any time (out of 5 slots).

Destiny 2

Gamers live to grind out well-made games. Destiny 1 gave us that, but Destiny 2 did not. In D1, players would have to GRIND for legendaries they wanted. D2 were throwing exotics to players left and right. This caused the game to lose its mojo which made it so addicting and fun.

I believe the developers wanted the game to tailor more towards the casual player, but that was never Destiny's fanbase. In the end, it truly felt like Destiny killed itself which is a shame.

I gave D1 all tens, but this only feels right for D2.

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Honorable Mentions (Most Addicting Game)