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Spread DJ Khaled's Golf Swing All Over Some Toast Because It's Butter

Last week I wrote a blog about how much better the world would be if everybody just gassed up each other's golf swings. While I still stand behind everything I wrote in that blog, I don't want people to get the wrong idea here. I'm not just gassing up DJ Khaled's swing for the sake of gassing it up. That thing is pure. 

I bet you came here expecting to see a swing that makes Charles Barkley look like Fred Couples. You probably thought DJ Khaled would lose to Tommy in a long drive competition. 


But turns out DJ Khaled only needs 2 clubs in his bag. Driver, putter, rinse & repeat. He loads up that right side, explodes through the ball, picks up his tee and knows he's walking straight down the middle of the fairway to his ball every time. I bet he doesn't even know longer grass exists on a golf course. Put him on your scramble team and let him hit first, nobody else even needs to step up to the tee box. 

P.S. - How much money do you think "take it easy, Tiger" guy had already lost to Khaled at that point of the round? He seems fed up with the sandbaggin' son of a bitch.