Fighting A Ref Is The Quickest Way To Free Up Your Schedule For The Rest Of Your Hockey Season/Career

I always hate videos like these because they clearly lack context. We see an 8-second clip of some maniac assaulting a ref, but we have no idea what's going on outside of those 8-seconds to bring us to this point. 

Like maybe this kid knows his team's next practice is going to be an absolute shit show. Maybe his team is getting shit pumped and he knows that coach isn't even going to bring pucks to the next practice. We're talking a 2-hour ice slot of non stop sui's. A trash can set up at center ice for everybody to puke in and then it's straight back to the goalline. Best way to get out of a miserable bag skate is to have your hockey playing career ended. Sure, you're probably going to catch an assault case on your record and a few hours of community service at best. But at least you get out of that practice. And every other practice for the rest of your life considering your hockey playing days are over. 

Quick little word of advice to all you psychopaths out there. If you ever get the urge to fight a ref during a hockey game, making just go snap your stick in half over the crossbar like a normal human being to get that frustration out. The $250 you have to spend on a new stick is going to sting, but it'll hurt a lot less than whatever you end up having to pay for a lawyer.