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Not To Be Outdone By Cowboys Fans, Trash Ball Bucs Fans Went Hambone On Some Eagles Fans Faces In The Stands Yesterday

This is the first one.

Yes, you are watching that on facetime on somebody else's phone which is being video'd by another person's phone. 

White trash inception if you will.

Do you know how low on the totem pole of intelligence you need to be to whip out your phone when something like this is happening and facetime somebody to show them? 

Florida gonna Florida.

Next up - 

Going out of your way to chase this guy down and then stomp him is a little much. On a Sunday no less. 

Bottom line is if you are a grown adult and you take sports this seriously you have some serious issues and are a danger to society. Not joking. The guys on the fucking field playing the game don't even care this much. Why do you? 

(Except for TB12 because he's a psycho)

Still waiting for all the videos to surface from Eagles fans ganging up on Bucs fans… stand by.