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The Chiefs Scored So Many Touchdowns Last Night The Stadium Ran Out Of Fireworks .... Again

I know we see 42 points and that's 'a lot' in football. But we're talking about the Chiefs here. It's not like scoring 6 touchdowns is that crazy or out of mind. If there's one team in the league that should have more than enough fireworks it's the Chiefs and Arrowhead Stadium - I don't care if they changed the name. It's always Arrowhead Stadium. It's not even the first time it happened. 

I legit had to search multiple places to make sure it was real. Similar sign. Similar result. I assumed it was fake. I assumed someone was just making a joke again because of the ho hum 42 points including a big man touchdown. 

Or Travis Kelce out here throwing slants and pretending to do a jump pass.

The fine people of Kansas City are far too nice for the Chiefs. I say that as a compliment. The Chiefs are downright disrespectful at times, like last night. Granted it's not their fault they were playing a quarterback who can't throw the ball roughly 8 yards and we were robbed of Justin Herbert in the playoffs. They just didn't give a shit. They were breaking out trick plays and shit in the 4th quarter. 

Get the Royals mascot on the line and line up all the fireworks.