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AWESOME: Tom Watson Is Joining Jack And Gary Player As An Honorary Starter At The Masters This Year

For years it was Arnold Palmer, Jack and Gary Player hitting the honorary tee shots at the Masters. One of those things that I love every year. There's something perfect about seeing those three, early in the morning lining up and still drilling a tee shot directly down the center of the fairway. Ever since Arnie passed it's been Jack and Gary out there. This past year Lee Elder joined them before he died in November. 

Now we have Tom Watson joining them. Good. The man won two Masters in 1977 and 1981. 

It's legit awesome to have him and Jack out there together again considering the history here. Watson beat Jack by two strokes both times he won the Green Jacket. It makes all the sense in the world to have Watson out there. But it also reminded me we're getting hit with Masters commercials. 

Goosebumps every time. The perfect song, perfect commercial. It also reminded me that I'm finally going to Augusta this year. I won the ticket lottery three years ago and obviously 2020 couldn't go, last year they split who won and we get to go this year. I swear if something happens and I can't go I'm going to angrily tweet about it. Do you know how much of a cocktease it is to have tickets to the Masters for the first time and keep getting told you still can't go? I don't encourage it. 

I still argue there may not be better timing for the Masters. Starts days after college basketball ends. It's perfect for me and anyone else who is a college hoops guy. You don't miss a beat. You go right from Monday night to The Masters to NBA/NHL playoffs and MLB regular season.