The Giants Should Absolutely Extend Joe Judge Immediately


I fucking love Joe Judge. I love him. I can count on one hand the number of humans I love, and Joe Judge is at least two of those fingers. He's the absolute best. He spent all week calling the WFT a clown show, and then he went out yesterday and became the laughing stock of the NFL. I haven't seen everyone pile on so badly since the butt fumble.



So that's why the Giants need to extend him. Even Bill Belichick went 5-11 in his first year in New England. Judge just needs some time to turn that ship around. It's not his fault the Giants picked some spoiled groceries to cook with. His hands were tied- he HAD to do 2 straight QB sneaks in the 2nd quarter of a 3-0 game. He HAD to.



That's a team guy right there. Not only thinking about the offense, he's already focused on special teams on 2nd down. Find me another coach who thinks about the future like that, you can't. And then holds his team accountable, no less.



And how else is he expected to get the most out of his high-price free agents if he's not on the sideline coaching them up?



Joe Judge is a 1 in a million coach. With so much uncertainty in the world- hunger, war, global warming, etc, the Giants having stability at head coach would mean a ton. Do the right thing, Giants, and lock him up for a few more years.





Honestly I thought I would just fuck around and make fun of him in this blog and there was no shot he'd be back after those QB sneaks. God bless the Giants organization.