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Just a beautiful, beautiful game. Some may say the Knicks shouldn't get down 76 points in the first half. I disagree. That's right where the Knicks want the Celtics. The Celtics fucking stink in the 4th quarter meanwhile the Knicks don't. So joke on them for thinking it would be an easy win. Knicks even messed around and missed a couple free throws late to give the Celtics hope. All for this perfect moment. RJ Barrett fading away, launching a three that was as pretty of a shot as these eyes have ever seen. Perfect form. Perfect fundamental bank. 

Oh and Evan Fournier? Worth that contract just to piss off all of Boston. 

41 points. Dude couldn't miss. Throw in Immanuel Quickley being IQ. Julius Randle saving the Knicks in the 2nd quarter. What a win. I said it in the Julius Randle blog earlier today, this team had a long season ahead. A few wins and they are back in the top-6 of the Eastern Conference. Well, there's one. Was it pretty? Nope. But that's what makes it awesome.

Hit the fucking music.