Kyle Lowry Just Had One Of The Softest Ejections You Will Ever See

I normally don't love feeding the hockey hardos another classic "SICK LEAGUE" opportunity on a silver platter, but what the hell is going on here? That might be the softest ejection I've ever seen and this is coming from a league that loves to overreact and have this type of shit happen far too often. You would think Lowry threw the ball at that official's head as hard as he could with intent to kill or something. I would argue it's actually impossible to toss the ball any slower. It did not appear that he mouthed off to the official or said anything that would warrant an ejection either. It's like this guy forgot that he could actually catch the ball and not go with an ejection. Instead, he acted almost as if his hands were tied because Kyle Lowry....softly tried to get the ball back to the ref. What an asshole that guy is. I'm not even a Heat fan and I can't sit here and tell you this makes any sense whatsoever. I don't even like Kyle Lowry that much, but I am someone with eyes and a working brain (partially). 

The worst part is there's no sort of accountability for this shit either. Stuff like this is simply allowed to happen. How can no other official come in and be like "hey man, I think you're overreacting here a little bit". These replacement refs have been pretty brutal so far, for pretty much every team in the league. Just ask Cavs fans about the Morant travel no call last night at the end of their close game. It's a legit problem and Adam Silver probably needs to do something if he cares about the quality of his product.