It's Pretty Tacky Of Kanye West To Take His Date (Julia Fox) To The Same Restaurant In Two Different Cities, Two Days Apart

Kanye West and Julia Fox took in Jeremy O. Harris’ “Slave Play” on Broadway with a group of friends Tuesday before decamping to Carbone for dinner, a source confirmed to Page Six.

It’s the couple’s first date night in New York — where the “Uncut Gems” actress is based — following a few evenings out in Miami. An eyewitness also told us that West managed to stay off his phone for the entirety of the play, unlike in in 2018 when he was busted for texting through “The Cher Show.”

The two and their pals took a black SUV from the August Wilson Theatre, where “Slave Play” is running, to Carbone after the performance. They were snapped by paps en route.

Is it a hot take to say that I've never liked Kanye? I like some of his songs, I LOVED the "Kanye's Workout Plan" music video solely because of Anna Nicole Smith, but apart from that...he kind of sucks? And this is removing the bias that I have because of his rude Taylor Swift interruption, which obviously gives me a baseline of hate. The one thing I will say about Kanye, is that I've always thought he was relatively romantic and smooth with the ladies. Despite how ridiculous he is, he would spoil Kim like nobody's business. Roses everywhere, Kenny G, massive diamonds and the whole idea of being someone's "muse" is of GREAT interest to me. I think he's acting like a fool when it comes to trying to get Kim back right now, but he's a grieving man, doing grieving man things, like dating girls with huge boobs who aren't quite as famous as his ex wife (no offense Julia, you're smoking hot.)

As Dante reported on their first date in Miami two days ago (which, by the way, Kanye in Miami on New Year's weekend when he KNOWS Pete Davidson is in Miami for NYE, making it seem likely that Kim is going to be in Miami? Classic crazy ex behavior) the TMZ article read that Kanye took Julia to Carbone:

TMZ - Kanye West has gotten back on the horse, because he's back in the dating game. 

Kanye and actress Julia Fox hit up Carbone restaurant in Miami Saturday night, and he was clearly having a good time.

And now, in New York, after they see a play, he…takes her to Carbone, again? Now, Carbone is nothing to sneeze at, but to put it in perspective, I've been there at least 3 times. I'm a literal nobody. People say it's hard to make a reservation, it's not that hard. You just have to plan like, more than 1 week in advance. At one point during the pandemic, you could order Carbone on Uber Eats and Ria and I ate spicy vodka rigatoni high on my couch. And now we have KANYE WEST, this "insane artist" with all this "taste" and "culture," a "revolutionary," taking his bitches to the same places night after night? Maybe Julia just REALLY loves Carbone? I mean, it's good, but it's Italian food. There are roughly 4,000 Italian food places in NYC, and not only did they eat the same KIND of food two days apart, but the same exact restaurant? Where's the romance here? Where are the bells and whistles? Where's the $400 a person Omakase dinner? The 7 course meal at Del Posto (RIP)? Does Kanye feel like he can half ass it with Julia? 

Kanye rn:

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