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Kanye West Spotted Out On The Town With "Uncut Gems" Babe Julia Fox

TMZ - Kanye West has gotten back on the horse, because he's back in the dating game. 

Kanye and actress Julia Fox hit up Carbone restaurant in Miami Saturday night, and he was clearly having a good time.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us it's nothing serious, but that he's embracing single life ... this after Kim Kardashian made it clear she's going through with the divorce.

Kanye has been out a lot lately, from Belize to Miami and parts elsewhere, as he retools his life as a single man.

As we reported, he was out partying recently with IG model Yasmine Lopez, although we're told it was not a date. They happened to be at the same party, but still, he's getting on with his life. BTW, this was at James Harden's Thirteen restaurant with J Mulan, where Kanye rolled up with Justin LaBoy.

Sources familiar with the situation say he seems happier now than he has in a long, long time.

What the hell is going on out here Kanye?

First came the split, then came the first fling with Irina Shayk. 

Which I think we all agreed was standing ovation-worthy.

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Then came the young chick. 22 year old model Vinetria.

Then a couple of weeks ago, right before buying the house across the street from Kim Kardashian, Kanye was out and about with another 22-year-old "Instagram model" in Houston at James Harden's restaurant

Mixed in between all the sloot chasing and strange getting was his infamous "Drink Champs" interview with Noreaga where he went out of his way to let everybody know he and his wife Kim we still technically married. 

And his even more infamous concert plea in L.A. for Kim to "run back to him".

And now he's wining, dining, and sixty-nining Julia Fox from "Uncut Gems".

You know the one.

Sending some mixed signals here Ye. Not gonna lie.

You're also making your fellow males look like dogs here. 

If you wanna publicly beg your soon to be ex-wife to come back to you, buy the house across the street from her to stay close to her and keep tabs on her, you can't be running around publicly with every girl you dreamt of fucking while you were married. 

I'm no expert, but I don't think that's going to play out well. 

Gotta make up your mind.

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