The World's Most Expensive Burger At Over $6k Looks Nothing Short Of Repulsive

Uhm what? I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say you should NOT be gagging as you watch the world's most expensive burger be assembled. Your tastebuds should be doing a locker room speech to rival Tim Tebow's before one of those...not one like they're an SEC team prepping for a buy game against Akron which is exactly what they're feeling after seeing that hideous array of random ingredients piled on that bad boy.

First off- the gold? Hamburgers are quite possibly the most important working man's food ever created and there is NO REASON to make the buns gold other than to simply waste gold. Next up is looking 2 of my most overrated ingredients I've experienced in my years of reviewing burgers- bibb lettuce & truffles. Shredded lettuce or see ya later! I'll take the pickles before throwing on one measly patty and cheese.

And then just for some salty shits n' gigs were doing prosciutto followed by onion rings? So far the only thing I'm intrigued by is those onion rings. And for the final piece of the overly-decadent puzzle they throw 2 massive pieces of lobster on there followed by caviar. ERRONEOUS! So to sum it up we have golden buns, bibb lettuce, truffles, meat, cheese, prosciutto, onion rings, lobster, AND caviar...not even a sauce in site. Fucking travesty to the burger community.